Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

It’s Pitch Wars time!!!

I didn’t participate last year, and I can’t even remember why. I wouldn’t have chickened out, because that’s not really a thing I do. I’m generally not afraid of heavy lifting, massive revisions, or tough love.

But I do have charm resistance. Ok, that’s a another story for a different day.

Here are ten (more relevant) things you should probably know about me:

  1. I love lists.
  2. I also love gifs, but I’m easily distracted. I’ll abandon words to stare at the shiny moving bits instead. So, no gifs here. But I can do memes and regular photos! Here we go . . .
  3. I’m a Slytherpuff and an INFP. Because super secretive devious plotting requires brownies. I have a Slytherin shirt and lounge pants, and I wear them both when I need to do some seriously cruel stuff to my characters. IMG_0977
  4. I homeschool my two girls, so my house is always busy and chaotic and usually loud (sort of a nightmare for this introvert with sensory issues), but also fun and rewarding and always interesting.
  5. We have two dogs and a cat. All have chronic health or behavior issues. I want all the special needs animals, but my family has cut me off. For now. IMG_0869IMG_0158
  6. Our younger dog makes a great writer’s helper when I need someone to watch the kids while I write. He has mixed feelings about our arrangement.IMG_0660 IMG_0661
  7. The four seasons down here are gardening, summer grossness, football, and gumbo. Fair warning: football season has begun.
  8. I grew up reading adult fantasy, because that’s what was in my house. My dad introduced me to Paksenarrion and Catti-brie, so that kick-started my love of bad-ass women in fantasy. I stopped reading the genre for a while, when I realized they were harder to find out in the wild than in our home library. Frustrating. Game of Thrones and YA fantasy brought me back.IMG_0621
  9. FAVORITE AUTHORS: Leigh Bardugo, Kristin Cashore, Megan Whalen Turner, Laini Taylor, Gillian Flynn, Tamora Pierce, and a bazillion others if I had the time and space to list them all here
  10. My favorite books list would go on way too long. Basically, I like dark, twisty, gritty, and/or emotional. Which is different from my romance tastes, which are basically fun and snarky with a little mystery, like Jennifer Crusie.

That’s all for now, I guess. Now it’s time to send in my submission and hang out with my fellow writers in the hashtag. I’m looking forward to checking out more bios in the blog hop!

Oh, and here’s a bonus, because I feel I need a disclaimer:

  • If you find any errors in my novels, it’s totally this girl’s fault.IMG_0716

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