2016 Writing Goals (endless revisions edition)

Every January, shortly after I pick my word for the year, I take a week or two to assess my piles and files. I give myself a moment to get a feel for the year ahead. To take that word and make a plan. To be realistic. To be gentle with myself. To dream big, then find a way to make it all happen.

But this year is a little strange in the sense that I can’t set a long set of monthly goals for myself. There are too many if-then contingencies. I know what the steps are, but there are too many strings of possibilities to list here. So this year I’m only planning a few months at a time with big, broad goals in mind.

As of now, this looks like a year of revisions. Another strange thing for me, because this is the first year I won’t have time to start a brand new project. Or maybe I will (probably only if I green-light a sequel). Like I said, contingencies. For now, these are the projects I’ll be working on this year:

  • Revise my current WIP – I’m right in the middle of a major revision, but it’s lining up well . . . so far. It’s been such a fun project, and I can’t wait to share more about this one soon.
  • Revise two earlier projects – These are on the if-then carousel, so I’m not sure which I’ll need to tackle first and how much attention each will need. One thing is certain: I love both of these projects, so they aren’t going in the drawer just yet.

That’s a lot of revision. I’m going to need some fresh, new shinies along the way, so I’ll work on some baby projects throughout the year. Brainstorm new novel/series ideas. Character sketches. Short stories. It’ll be interesting to stretch those short form muscles again.

The plan is to also blog more. Maybe even share some short fiction here. But no promises on any set schedule. Not yet.


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