Review: Treasure at Lure Lake by Shari Schwarz

I’m so happy to share today’s review of Shari Schwarz’s Treasure at Lure Lake. Shari is as talented as she is kind and generous, and I’m thrilled to see all of her hard work paying off. I was lucky enough to read several of the opening chapters of this book in an earlier draft, before Shari snagged her publishing contract, and I’ve been waiting to spread the news about her debut ever since. I love seeing how those early chapters transformed into this riveting, heart-warming book, and I’m excited to see Shari’s story making its way to readers!

TaLLMy Thoughts:

Treasure at Lure Lake tells the story of two brothers on a camping trip with their grandfather. The boys struggle with their relationship while struggling to survive, all with a backdrop of family secrets and drama and the lure of a treasure map. There’s so much to love in this book! It packs tons of adventure and heart in a quick but satisfying story.

I really loved the pacing in this book. The POV alternates between the brothers, so you see the adventure through both their eyes in short, action-filled chapters. Like most siblings, the brothers have different interests and personalities as well as different relationships with their parents. You get a first-person view as they navigate the wilderness and life-threatening scenarios while also mentally wrestling with how they fit in with their family and how they relate to each other. So many times I wanted to hug those boys and tell them everything was going to be ok, even if I wasn’t quite sure that was true, because OMG scary stuff!

The adventure is a page-turner that would appeal to young survivalists, scouts, and kids who love camping, as well as anyone who’s ever had a hard time seeing eye-to-eye with a sibling. I loved reading about how capable those boys were in the wilderness, and if I’m ever lost in the mountains or woods, I want those kids on my team!

BONUS Thoughts:

One of my favorite things about this book (in addition to the amazing story!) is knowing part of its history. Sometimes we read a great book and feel that it somehow magically appeared in the world. Even writers who know it takes difficult drafts and submission stress can read a fabulous book and feel like somehow that book MUST have been born by magic. But books are things of love and magic AND hard work. Shari created this story through perseverance and multiple revisions and Not Giving Up. I’m so happy for Shari, and I can’t wait to have more of her books on my shelves!

Book Summary:

Twelve-year-old Bryce’s best-laid plans for a backpacking trip with his grandpa seem about to fall through all because his big brother, Jack, is threatening to boycott the trip. But when Bryce stumbles upon a secret treasure map in his grandpa’s barn loft, he doesn’t mean to steal it or unearth a painful family secret that will explain the root of the brothers’ conflict. Bryce is determined to find the treasure even if it means lying to his grandpa.

As Bryce, Jack, and Grandpa hike to a remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains, sibling rivalry clouds the brothers’ judgment, and all Bryce’s plans for an epic adventure go downriver. The boys must work together to survive the dangers of the wilderness, and each other, or the treasure and their family’s secret may never see the light of day.

About Author Shari Schwarz:

Shari SchwarzShari Schwarz lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado near the Rocky Mountains with her husband and their four boys. TREASURE AT LURE LAKE (Cedar Fort Publishing, April 12, 2016) is her debut which reflects her love for a good survival adventure story. When she’s not reading or writing, Shari can be found freelance editing, weight-lifting, gardening or watching her boys play football, basketball, cup-stacking, or wrestling. She frequently dreams of exploring Oregon Coast beaches or plotting out her next children’s book.

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