Michelle Hulse is a novelist, freelance writer, and Oxford comma advocate who lives in The Heart of Cajun Country with her husband and their two kids. They have two special needs rescue dogs and a boring but fancy fish named Perry (aka Agent P).

After studying anthropology and teaching English, she decided to teach her own children and pursue her love of words in the comfort of her sweatpants. Homeschooling allows her and her kids to spend their days making mud scat replicas and other activities generally frowned upon in classrooms.

Her love of fantasy began as a young child playing D&D with her dad, uncle, aunt, and grandmother–who will forever be known as The Best Halfling Thief Ever. But it wasn’t until middle school, when she spent many late nights hiding under the covers with a flashlight and The Icewind Dale Trilogy, that she really fell in love with fantasy novels. Now she aspires to bring magic and adventure to young readers through her own stories. (She also writes mysteries and kissing books, because love is pretty magical, too.)

Twitter – @MichelleHulse

Homeschool Blog – Raising Cajuns