Back to Breaux Bridge

Adult Romantic Mystery
78k words


Naturalist Sierra Menard needs an extra source of cash to pay the rent, or she’ll be sleeping in her Bronco in less than a week. After her boss sends her to check out a suspicious snake in Breaux Bridge, Sierra crosses paths with an out-of-place water moccasin, some potential reward money, and her first crush.

When sportswriter Marc Daigle contacts the Nature Station, he never expects to find Sierra—the mouthy troublemaker who gave him his first kiss and his first heartbreak—on his family’s bayou-front property again. But she confirms his suspicion: someone’s messing with his sister and her kids.

Despite Sierra’s longstanding knack for getting them both into trouble, Marc agrees to let her help find the jerk threatening his family. Someone doesn’t want Marc and his sister on that property, and they’re willing to plant venomous snakes, send threatening emails, loot the place, and do whatever it takes to scare them off. Finding this creep might prove impossible, but Sierra’s biggest challenge could be resisting feelings she thought she left on that cypress swing fifteen years ago.