The Raven Queen’s Revenge

Middle Grade Fantasy
40k wds


Eleven-year-old Sylvie hates the stinky RV she lives in and wishes her mom never took that job as campground supervisor. At first, Sylvie thought living in a Louisiana state park would be fun—cool animals, lots of mud, woods to explore—but she forgot to factor in how much she’d miss everyone back home. If she can video this super elusive red fox—the one that seems to be stalking her as much as she’s stalking it-—to complete her campground field guide, then at least maybe her dad will visit.

When Sylvie, her pesky sister, and an uninvited local boy follow the fox off the trails, they get lost in Wiledyn—an eerie forest with fascinating and terrifying inhabitants. Frustrated with herself for following some prankster kid when she was supposed to be the tracking expert, Sylvie has a mini-tantrum and inadvertently frees hundreds of ravens . . . and their queen.

Trapped in Wiledyn, Sylvie must protect her sister, force the Raven Queen to unseal the forest exits, and—if Sylvie has anything to say about it—make her pay for the damage she’s caused. But Sylvie can’t do it alone. She’ll have to work with her new friends to find the Raven Queen and return to the one place she wanted more than anything to escape: her campground home.